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Cognitive Testing Center and The Whitener Group

Dear Employers and Administrators

American Social Services of Uptown Ltd:  Cognitive Testing  Center is a proud testing site partner  of The Whtener Group that developed the certification programs along with other organizations.  The center is equiped with 30 internet based computers and a space for paper and pencil testings.


The Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) is a nationwide, industry-led organization that focuses on the core knowledge and skills needed by production workers in the nation's advanced manufacturing sector. The MSSC Training, Assessment and Credentialing System offers workers and students the opportunity to demonstrate that they have mastered t the skills increasingly needed in the high-growth, technical jobs of the 21st century.

The Whitener Group is a proud partner of the MSSC Production Technician certification. MSSC and The Whitener Group developed the certification program along with other organizations to ensure the knowledge and skill sets of current and future high-performance manufacturing employees


Cognitive Testing Center proctors oversee the administration of the assessments listed below.  In addition to administering the assessment, our organization is generally required to inventory testing materials before and after the assessment, take attendance to ensure all participants are present and identified before entering the testing room


Paper and Pencil-Based testing.


We proctor paper and pencil based testings also.  The written assessments consist of multiple-choice items and measure the level of technical knowledge acquired by the participant in a particular occupational area. Written assessments may be administered to a large number of participants in several technical areas at one time and we have 1 proctor for every 25 test takers

(e.g., a group of 50 test takers should have at least 2 proctors).


Our evaluators oversee the administration of a performance assessment. In addition to administering the assessment, evaluators are generally required to inventory testing materials

before and after the assessment, take attendance to ensure all participants are present, distribute and collect testing materials, provide instructions to test takers, determine and monitor breaks, keep track of time, maintain a presence in the testing room to discourage talking or cheating, and document any irregularities. In addition, the evaluator rates each participant's performance on the specific job(s).



You have the experience - now demonstrate your expertise and get the recognition your skills deserve. Certification increases your credibility in the marketplace and is tangible evidence that you have what it takes to provide top-notch support and service to your employer.

Scheduling - Cognitive Testing Center's schedule is very convenient with late hours offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday until 9:00pm. Normal testing hours are 9:00am - 7:00pm. The testing center also offers selective holidays for testing (10am -7pm)

Purchasing Tests - The tests can be purchased from our test center directly. We do recommend that you call the test center directly or register online to buy and schedule your test and ask for the testing administrator.

The Testing Center provides a comfortable testing environment for all your testing periods. We are an authorized testing center for the all the exams listed below:





Accounting-Basic (3000)

Accounting-Advanced (3900)

Administrative Assisting (4001)

Advertising Design (4019)

Agriculture Mechanics (2102)

Architectural Drafting (3004)

Audio-Visual Communications (2005)

Automotive Technician Advanced (4008)

Automotive Technician Standard (4009)

Automotive Technician Core (4109)

Banking and Related Services (1096)

Building Construction Occupations (2011)

Building Trades Maintenance (3012)

Business Financial Management (1095)

Business Information Processing (3013)


Technology (2083)

Computer Networking Fundamentals (2414)

Computer Programming (3023)

Computer Repair Technology (2415)

Computer Technology (3022)

Construction Masonry-Block (3025)

Construction Masonry-Brick (3125)

Construction Masonry-Stone (3225)

Cosmetology (2082)

Criminal Justice (3081)

Culinary Arts I- Prep Cook (4036)

Culinary Arts II-Cook (4136)

Dental Assisting (4026)

Dental Laboratory Technology (1417)

Diesel Engine Technology (3027)

Early Childhood Care & Ed (3016)

Electrical Construction (4030)

Electrical Occupations (2031)

Electronic Technology (3035)

Electronics (2034)

Financial and Investment Planning (1094)

Floriculture (3049)

Floriculture-Greenhouse (3949)

Forestry Products and Processing (2037)

General Drafting and Design (3038)

Graphic Communications Technology (4142)

Health Assisting (3043)

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

(HVAC) (3045)

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

& Refrigeration (HVAC/R) (3064)

Heavy Equipment Maintenance and

Repair (2046)

Home Health Aide (2048)

Horticulture-Landscaping (3149)

Horticulture-Olericulture & Pomology (3249)

Hospitality Mgmt - Food & Beverage (2079)

Hospitality Mgmt - Lodging (2080)

Industrial Electricity (2050)

Industrial Electronics (2051)

Industrial Maintenance Mechanic (2074)

Logistics Technology/Dist. Ctr. Serv

Manufacturing Technology (2084)

Medical Assisting (4055)

Nursing Assisting (4058)

Painting and Decorating (2060)

Plumbing (3061)

Practical Nursing (3062)

Pre-Engineering/Engineering Tech (2475)

Precision Machining (3052)

Production Agriculture (2063)

Protective Services (1480)

Retail Commercial Baking (3010)

Retail Trades (4053)

Small Engine Technology (3068)

Technical Drafting (4054)

Television Production (2427)

Visual Communications (2425)

Warehousing Services (1071)

Welding (3072)

Workplace Readiness (3033/393)





Advertising and Design (0136)

Air Cooled Gas Engine Repair (0256)

Architectural Drafting (0212)

Audio Visual Communications

Technology (0249)

Automotive Technician (0303)

Building and Home Maintenance

Services (0067)

Building Construction Occupations (0242)

Building Trades Maintenance (0125)

Cabinetmaking and Millwork (0124)

Carpentry (0207)

Collision Repair (0302)

Collision Repair/Refinishing Technology


Computer Programming (0028)

Computer Technology (0226)

Cosmetology (0222)

Diesel Engine Repair (0004)

Diesel Mechanics (0152)

Drafting Occupations (0360)

Early Childhood Care & Education (0181)

Electrical Construction (0261)

Electrical Installation (0208)

Electromechanical Technology (0047)

Electronics Technology (0253)

Graphic Imaging Technology (0137)

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

(HVAC) (0144)

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

& Refrigeration (HVAC/R) (0206).............23

Heavy Equipment Mechanics (0169)

Hospitality Mgmt - Food & Beverage (0147)

Hospitality Mgmt - Lodging (0146)

Industrial Electrician (0214)

Industrial Electronics (0216)

Industrial Technology (0076)

Masonry (0209)

Metalworking Occupations (0062)

Painting and Decorating (0135)

Plumbing (0110)

Precision Machining (0220)

Quantity Food Preparation (0117)

Quantity Foods (0255)

Retail Commercial Baking (0259)

Retail Trades (0045)

Sheet Metal (0211)

Technical Drafting (0039)

Tool and Die Making (0240)

Welding (0121)





Die Making (0632)

Electricity/Electronics (0633)

Electrical/Electronics Maintenance (0634)

General Industrial/Mechanical (0635)

General Maintenance (0647)

General Technical Skills (0636)

Industrial Maintenance Technician (0637)

Industrial Mechanic (0662)

Instrumentation and Control (0638)

Instrumentation and Electrician

Technician (0650)

Lead Maintenance (0639)

Machine Repair (0640)

Maintenance (0648)

Maintenance and Repair Mechanic (0658)

Maintenance Mechanic (0657)

Maintenance Technician (0480)

Manufacturing Technician (0481)

Master Machine Repair (0649)

Mechanical and Fluid Power

Maintenance (0663)

Mechanical Maintenance (0664)

Mechanical Systems (0661)

Pipefitter (0669)



Open days are:


Monday:-------------------------------9am to 7pm

Tuesday:------------------------------9am to 7pm

Wednesday:----------------------------9am to 7pm

Thursday:-----------------------------9am to 7pm

Friday:-------------------------------9am to 7pm

Saturday.-----------------------------9am to 7pm





For information on test registration, purchasing and testing, kindly contact us below 24/7.

We also offer online registration 24/7. To register online, please click here.


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Tel (773) 506-0268/0676

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