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Certiport’s Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC³®®) is the ideal certification for anyone that wants to demonstrate critical computer and Internet skills valued in today’s academic and professional environments. Because digital literacy is vital to the success in both of these endeavors, IC³ is the perfect credential for both traditional and non-traditional students as well as employees.

Some of the prime candidates for the IC³ digital literacy program include:

·         Employers looking to validate skills

·         Workforce members seeking professional development

·         College and University students

·         Community and technical college students

·         Job Corps and other vocational participants

·         Continuing education students

·         GED students

·         High school students

·         Junior high students

·         Teachers

·         Everyone seeking to gain a working knowledge of computers and the Internet







The digital divide is both a popular phrase and a significant societal and economic challenge today. The lack of fundamental digital literacy is often prevalent within communities, corporate organizations, and especially schools. A key objective of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation is to bridge this digital divide by ensuring every student is digitally literate “regardless of the student’s race, ethnicity, gender, family income, geographic location, or disability.” Without question, IC³ plays a critical role in this effort-from Hawaii to Vermont and everywhere in between.  IC³ standards meet the technology requirements of NCLB in multiple areas. First, IC³ training and certification provide the professional development “through electronic means” for teachers, administrators, and staff called for in No Child Left Behind’s “Enhancing Education Through Technology Act.” Additionally, IC³ training and certification works to meet the NCLB goal to ensure “every student is technologically literate by the time the student finishes the eighth grade.”  Educators find IC³ meets No Child Left Behind standards while providing the following benefits:  Data-driven decision making through reporting to show successful completion of NCLB requirements. Unbiased examination through psychometrically validated certification exams. Universal portability and relevance as a recognized global standard in digital literacy. A ready solution that is more cost effective and time efficient than assembling an assessment to meet national or local educational requirements. A professional development tool that boosts instructor confidence to integrate technology in the classroom.



Exposure to computers does not equal understanding. IC³ Certification offers you the opportunity to learn and demonstrate computer and Internet literacy that accurately validates skills and productivity in the workplace. Without question, IC³ Certification:  Provides core skills and knowledge necessary to use some computer applications and the Internet. Effectively tests computing knowledge and skills to ensure mastery is achieved.  Gives a resume-building standard certification as proof of successful completion of the program.  Provides the foundation necessary to further enhance productivity and marketability with other desktop application-specific certifications.



IC³ certification helps you learn and demonstrate Internet and digital literacy through a worldwide industry standard. To become IC³ certified, you must pass the following three exams. Each exam takes less than an hour to complete.



Computing Fundamentals:

Key Applications:

Living Online:

Computer Hardware Computer Software Using an Operating System

Common Program Functions Word Processing Functions Spreadsheet Functions Presentation Software Functions

Networks and the Internet Electronic Mail  Using the Internet The Impact of Computing and the Internet on Society



Cognitive Testing Center


Where do you want to be? Start with what you're ready for today-then build your knowledge toward your future goals. Microsoft® Certified Application Specialists are a part of a global community of distinguished achievers. This Microsoft certification credential tells the world you have demonstrated proficiency in the newest standard of the world's foremost desktop computing applications. Microsoft certifications (based on globally recognized standards) demonstrate your computing skills and help advance your career prospects in a competitive job market. Microsoft Certified Application Specialist certifications are primarily for office workers who use Microsoft Office programs as a vital part of their job functions. These certifications cover the entire Microsoft Office Suite, encompassing: Word 2007, PowerPoint® 2007, Excel® 2007, Outlook® 2007 and Access® 2007, as well as Windows Vista®.


Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Exams


Using Microsoft® Office Word 2007

Using Microsoft® Office Excel® 2007

Using Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2007

Using Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2007

Using Microsoft® Office Access® 2007

Windows Vista® for the Business Worker

Note: Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Series exams are proctored exams, and must be taken at a Certiport Testing Center (Microsoft Certified Exam Provider).




Give Your Students’ Creative Juices a Shot of Credibility

Landing that first job out of high school or college is daunting. The classic dilemma for students entering the workforce with little or no experience is convincing employers they are capable of doing the job. Talented students now have an effective credibility-building tool they can add to their resumés: Adobe® Certified Associate.

For those seeking employment that requires demonstrating the ability to use digital media needed to plan, design, build, and maintain effective communications, Adobe Certified Associate is a certification program that validates the skills of job seekers.

Boost Confidence with Up-to-Date Skills

No question about it: Educators everywhere use Adobe software to energize learning in the 21st Century. Like the students who pursue certification, teachers enhance their own teaching credentials by earning an industry-recognized certification. By becoming an Adobe Certified Associate, they can elevate their stature in the classroom and provide a model for students in developing employable skills through Adobe certification.

Certification Helps Prove Proficiency

In an increasingly competitive work world, employers need more than familiar users of digital communications technology to drive successful business outcomes-they need proficient users. With certification, hiring managers will know that work similar to the excellent portfolio they just reviewed can be accomplished efficiently.

What Talents Can Be Displayed through Adobe Certified Associate?

Employment using digital communications skills is growing worldwide. Whether it’s a career in graphic design, Web marketing, video production, or more, becoming an Adobe Certified Associate will help give you the inside track to work in these exciting new fields.

Adobe offers three areas in which to gain certification for entry-level skills:

·         Rich Media Communication using Flash 8 or Adobe Flash CS3 <?page=common/pagelibrary/adobe_FL.html>

·         Web Communication using Dreamweaver 8 <?page=common/pagelibrary/adobe_DW.html>
or Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 <?page=common/pagelibrary/adobe_DW.html>
(Now Available!)

·         Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop CS3 <?page=common/pagelibrary/adobe_PS.html>

Adobe Certified Associate: Integrates Seamlessly into Your Curriculum

To help educators achieve these outcomes, Adobe has built course materials focused on career areas in Web Design, Visual and Print Design, and Digital Video. These course materials correlate directly to specific Adobe Certified Associate certification objectives. Combined, these courseware materials and certifications provide powerful learning tools.

Click here to find out about additional digital design resources from Adobe. <>

Click here to find training resources and locations. <>


Cognitive Testing Center

With the globally recognized Microsoft Office certification, you can prove your skills with ease. Whether you’re looking for the ideal job, trying to advance in your present career, or pursuing academic goals, Microsoft Office Specialist gives you the tools to achieve more, distinguish yourself, and advance in today’s competitive academic and professional environments.  For employment seekers, Microsoft Office Specialist certification: Differentiates and helps job candidates get hired. Research shows not only do Microsoft Office Specialists find work faster, they also earn up to 12% more than individuals who are not certified Provides a firm measure that validates Microsoft Office training Gives credibility and substance to work skills  For those focused on career advancement, Microsoft Office Specialist certification:  Increases salary potential. Research shows 82% of certified Microsoft Office Specialists report a salary increase after certification Sets company advancers apart as a desktop computing experts in their organizations Provides career opportunities. Eighty-eight percent of managers report Microsoft Office certification gives employees an advantage in hiring and promotion, which means greater earning power, respect, and recognition  For students, Microsoft Office training and certification:  Provide a professional credential recognized around the world Help earn cost-effective college credit Demonstrate computing efficiency essential in the workplace



Microsoft Office Specialist (formerly also known as MOUS) exams use “live” or real applications to provide the most authentic evaluation of your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Certiport’s performance-based testing uses specialized examination software while simultaneously running the actual Office programs. You can prepare for your certification exams by using officially licensed Microsoft Office training , courseware, assessments, and practice tests.   Microsoft Office Specialist is the official Microsoft Office certification for desktop productivity. Certification is available in the programs listed below. Expert level certifications are offered for Word and Excel. Exams are available for Microsoft Office 2000, Office XP, and Office 2003.













Cognitive Testing Center


Microsoft Business Certification The Microsoft Business Certification program reflects the new and enhanced Microsoft Certification system. This system provides a simple and convenient framework for skills assessment, learning, and validation. For employers, the new certification program provides better skill verification tools that help assess not only in-demand work skills on specific Microsoft business programs but also the ability to quickly complete on-the-job tasks across multiple applications using the 2007 Microsoft Office system.  Individuals will find it easier to identify and work towards the certification credential that meets their personal and professional goals.


Pre-Tests provide a simple, low-cost way for individuals to identify their computing skill proficiency. Pre-Tests are taken online, making the first step towards certification easy and convenient. Through the Pre-Test, individuals can receive a custom learning path with recommended training, Microsoft E-Learning, and step-by-step books to help prepare for the certification exams.

The core Microsoft Office Specialist credential has been upgraded to validate skills with the 2007 Microsoft Office system as well as the new Windows Vista® operating system. The Application Specialist certifications target information workers and cover the most popular business applications. Using Microsoft® Office Word 2007  Using Microsoft® Office Excel® 2007  Using Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2007  Using Microsoft® Office Access™ 2007  Using Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2007  Windows Vista® for the Business Worker

The new Application Professional certifications are designed to meet the needs of workers utilizing the 2007 Microsoft Office suite to perform on specific projects and tasks. This credential demonstrates advanced, industry-recognized computing skills and collaboration capabilities. Focus areas include: Content Management and Collaboration  Creating and Managing Presentations  Budget Analysis and Forecasting  Organizational Support


Cognitive Testing Center is both on-site testing and mobile testing for your clients or candidates.  We can accommondate between 10 to 30 clients or candidates at a time from 9am to 7pm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, inlcuding some holidays if needed.


For information on test registration and exam, please contact below us 24/7 for pricing.  We have group discount.


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