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1. Dr.Joseph S. Tengbeh General Administrator/Proctor
2. Abolanle Okegbemi Proctor Chicago
3. Mr. Girish Navni Proctor Oak Forest
4. Dr. Prakash Navni TCA/Proctor Oak Forest

Our management and proctoring staff have administered  hundreds and thousands of certification programs for IT, governmental agencies, medical and healthcare, financial, academic, secondary and post secondary, college and universities, and distant learning and professional clients. We recognize the unique needs of each organizations' programs and develop and administer customized solutions that are secure, easy and cost effective to administer. In addition, our programming and administrative staff has administered many exams for most of the largest computer-based, internet-based and paper and pencil-based testing companies national and international.


Flexible Delivery Options!

Computer-based testing is rapidly moving from off-line, proprietary networks to internet-based, on-line testing. Internet-based test delivery reduces administrative costs and provides an architecture to eliminate distributing item banks, software, and test definitions. At Cognitive Testing Center, we embrace this vision, and provide a clear transition path to the future of computer-based testing.

Internet delivery is the most secure, efficient, and cost effective computer-based testing model. When delivered in a secure environment, the internet is invisible to the test taker. As a test sponser, delivery via the internet gives you unprecedented flexibilty and control. The internet provides a centralized delivery system. With a centralized system you can quickly and easily add new features, update your items, eliminate old version control issues, and have instant access to your data.