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Before coming to our center for a test, you must have been registered and have all you need for your test. If you have not yet registered, please click here to register online.

What to bring along

Computer-Based Testing

For computer-based testing, you must bring the following to the test center on the day of your test:

 Your admission ticket

 Proper identification as described in “Identification Policy” below


Paper-Based Testing

For paper-based testing, you must bring the following with you to the test site:

 Your admission ticket

 Several sharpened No. 2 pencils with erasers; pencils will not be supplied at the test site

 A blue- or black-ink ballpoint pen if you are taking an essay

 Proper identification as described in “Identification Policy” below


Identification Policy

Whether you are taking a paper-based or computer-based test, you must bring two valid and unexpired forms of identification that are printed in English. The first identification must be government issued and must have a clear photograph and your signature, such as 

*  driver’s license,

*  state-issued identification card,

*  United States military ID (with visible signature),

*  passport.   

The second identification, which you may be asked to produce, must have either a photo or a signature, such as a student ID. If you do not have proper identification, you will not be permitted to test.

If the name on your identification differs from the name in which you are registered, you must bring official, legal documentation of the name change (e.g., marriage certificate, divorce decree, certificate of naturalization showing a new name, court order for a name change) as verification.


Computer-Based Testing

Seating availability for both computer-based and paper-based testing is limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. During periods of increased demand, your first-choice testing site, date, or time may not be available. Examinees should register as early as possible to avoid potential scheduling conflicts.

Cognitive Testing Center  offered on computer at flexible times at our location throughout the year. 

There are no registration deadlines; however, you should plan to register as early as possible before your desired test date, as seating is limited. At the conclusion of your test, you will receive your unofficial score results for the multiple-choice questions.

If you took a test with a performance component, you will receive proof of testing that documents your completion of the test. In addition, your unofficial pass/fail status will be available immediately for most test and the official score reports for most tests will be mailed approximately 2 to 6 weeks after the test date.

Paper-Based Testing

The test dates and registration deadlines for paper-based testing can be obtained by calling our office directly.  All tests are offered on all scheduled test dates. In addition to Regular Administrations, several Supplemental Administrations are offered at selected time for an additional charge


At the Test Center

After being seated for your internet-based and computer-based test, you will complete a tutorial from most test developers  before taking the actual test. The tutorial demonstrates how to move from question to question, how to mark and change answers, and how to go back and review previously answered or skipped questions. If the test you are taking includes a recorded component or a performance component, you will be shown how these questions will be presented and how to record your responses during the actual test.


Score Reporting

At the conclusion of your test, you will receive your unofficial score results for the multiple-choice questions. If you took a test with a performance component, you will receive proof of testing that documents your completion of the test.


During and After your Testing

The test session is designed to allow sufficient time for sign-in, distribution of materials, and communication of directions before testing begins, and for completion of the test or subtest(s) by examinees. Some examinees may finish testing well before the scheduled ending time of the test session. However, you should be prepared to use the entire test session. You will be allowed no more than the allotted time to complete the test or subtest(s).

During testing, you may take restroom breaks. Any time that you take for restroom breaks is considered part of the available testing time. You may not leave the testing facility or room in which you have been seated for any purpose (other than to use the restroom, as permitted) until you have been officially dismissed by our test administrator. During the test administration, you may not communicate with other examinees or any unauthorized persons in any way, either in person or by using any communication device. For computer-based testing, examinees will be monitored continuously and may also be videotape.


Stopping when time is called.

If you are doing paper and pencil  testing,  you must stop immediately when time is called. You are not permitted to go back later and add anything to the test. For multiple-choice questions, you are not permitted to complete or change any answers after time has been called. Violation of these directions is considered cheating and may result in invalidation of test scores for tests taken during that test administration. In addition, the incident will be reported to your Client Organization


Dismissal From the Test

Once you have been officially dismissed from a test session, you must leave the testing facility. If you are taking another test or subtest during a later session, return to the testing facility at the reporting time indicated on your admission ticket. You may wish to bring something to eat between test sessions; however, eating is not permitted in the testing rooms.

When you have completed testing or when the test session ends, your test materials will be collected and you will be dismissed from the test session.

Submitting Comments

Cognitive Testing Center  employ stringent quality-control procedures in preparing and delivering test registration, testing, and score reporting materials and services. If you have comments about the conditions under which you took a test, please take a moment and ask the proctor to complete a Customer Feedback Survey, in addition to the survey  provided on your test, regarding the testing services you have received.