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Proctoring Information for Distance Learning Students

Cognitive Testing Center at American Social Services of Uptown Ltd,  offers exam administration and proctoring services to Distance Learners.   We are able to accommodate paper and pencil exams, exams that must be word-processed using MS Word on a PC, Computer-Based and Internet-Based-Testing.  Exams are given in a classroom or lab of 30 workstations with other testing conducted at the same time. Individual testing rooms are not available.


General Information:

Determining the type of testing used in a distance learning course prior to registering for the course is a very important factor in the planning process. Testing methods can vary depending upon the actual course(s) for which you have registered, as well as your place of residence

Some most of your courses do not require on-campus but off campus proctored testing, it is your responsibility to make the appropriate arrangements for completing all necessary testing, as required for each course, prior to the start of the term attending.

The method by which course testing is completed at our center can be separated into two categories:
Alternative Testing
Traditional Testing


Alternative Testing

Many Distance Learning courses do not require traditional, paper-pencil testing, but utilize what is called “Alternative Testing.” If your course is listed on the Test Method Listing as an Alternative Testing course, online testing, papers, reports, projects and/or course participation may be used in lieu of traditional, paper-pencil testing. A student taking an Alternative Testing course will NOT need to physically come to campus or use a test proctor to complete their testing.   Therefore, kindly consult your course syllabus for additional information regarding the specific testing requirements for your Alternative Testing course.

Traditional Testing

Some courses use “Traditional Testing” methods. Testing for these type of courses include paper-pencil testing or supervised computer-based testing, internet-based testing given either on-campus or by a test proctor. Where you live is the determining factor in whether you will test on-campus or by test proctor.

It is your responsibility to make the appropriate arrangements for completing testing, as required for each course, prior to the start of the quarter you will be attending


Date, Time and Requirement.

Distance Learning Exams are proctored from Monday - Saturday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm  by appointment only

Appointments must be set at least one week prior to testing date

Photo identification is required for all testing services

There is a flat rate fee of $50.00 for an exam up to two hours duration, and $10 fee for each additional hour to proctor each exam (postage fees may also be charged if not paid by the institution). We can be reached at the contacts below for more information on how to proctor your exams.
Cognitive Testing Center is closed on some Sundays and some major holidays
Information needed by your institution from us may include:
American Social Services of Uptown, Ltd
Dept: Cognitive Testing Center
Chicago Location
2800 West Peterson Ave
Suite 205
Chicago, IL. 60659
Tel (773) 249-4325
Tel (773) 242-7050
Cell (312) 792-7198
Oak Forest Location
6006 West 159th Street.
Building-B. 2nd. Floor
Oak Forest, IL. 60542
Telephone: (773) 506-0268
Telephone: (773) 224-7890
Your exam may be proctored by any of the following:
1. Dr. Joseph S. Tengbeh TCA/TSA/Proctor-Chicago/Oak Forest
2. Dr. Prakash Navni TCA/TSA/Proctor-Oak Forest